It’s been a while we have been hearing terms such as pollution, air pollution, climate change through the media...


Unfortunately, it is more and more frequent to read news related especially to mobility, which is not sustainable at all.


To avoid these harmful actions, a very good option would be to take the step towards electric mobility with the benefits that it entails, not in terms of emissions, but also a change of mindset when it comes to seeing and experiencing mobility (smooth driving with no jerks, peace of mind, smoothness, savings at every kilometer, reduction of breakdowns, minimum maintenance, etc.).


The actions to achieve this change are not being effective enough, basically due to the handicaps related to the electric vehicle (autonomies less than desired, despite the fact that the average number of daily kms traveled by vehicle is 50, and the lack of a network of charging points that offer security on any journey). This situation has led RECMAP to the setting up of an ambitious project in order to cover this need.


RECMAP was born in 2015 from a trip made by one of the founding partners in Europe in an electric vehicle. During that trip he noticed the world moving in the same direction about issues related to renewable energy, electric self-consumption and electric mobility, while here we were still waiting for something we still don’t really know. Wherever he went, the lives of the Norwegians, the Germans, the French, had changed. Many of them were now traveling on electric vehicles!


How was this possible?

He had actually seen and experienced that the future begins with the present; that an electric vehicle was and is better than a conventional one. In addition, thanks to certain policies applied by both public and private entities favoring a transition in which we all win, since no municipality can afford the episodes of air pollution that we experience on a daily basis.


That way of doing and thinking arouse even more, the interest of the partner who initiated a series of contacts to avoid being left behind in the infrastructure of charging points for electric cars, making that original idea become an important project of which sooner or later we will all be participants.





As users of electric vehicles, we are fully familiar with the obstacles that surround electric mobility. For example, in relation to the insecurity caused by not knowing if the loading point where we have planned a stop for a coffee or lunch will be busy or if it will work.


We know how it feels when you need to charge and you cannot because the card to activate the point does not work, when the point is broken, when there is a conventional vehicle occupying the space exclusively for electric cars, and other experiences. For this reason, and since we do not want the same thing to happen to anyone, we eliminate all those barriers in order to facilitate and give the necessary impulse when deciding on the purchase of an electric vehicle: installing and managing an entire own network of recharging whose points will be strategically located throughout the territory, close enough to each other to service any present and future electric car through technology while providing it with additional services without any extra cost. And we will not stop here, instead we keep on working continually to meet the demands of the market.


We offer charging points throughout the national territory for public consumption.


A solution for all those drivers who, with their electric vehicle, intend to travel medium and long distances with the tranquility and security of having a functional, fast and effective network of points.


At RECMAP estem compromesos amb el medi ambient, on tot el subministrament d’energia provindrà de fonts renovables, assegurant la meta de “zero emissions”.we are committed to the environment, where all energy supply come from renewable sources, ensuring the goal of “zero emissions”.


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